Sachin-God Equivalency

It makes much more sense to me why do we talk about the oppression of minorities in a community so much and advocate for their right. Belonging to a majority Hindu community, this seemed absurd to me. Till now. Recently, I discovered that i too belong to minority, that too religious in a way.

Sachin Tendulkar. Everyone must have heard this name. Or so is what the majoritarian sect believes. You might have also heard him as- The God of Cricket. Crazy. A friend of mine did a mistake of posting his opinions about this on a popular social networking website. And I did a greater one of liking this post.( I agree with his post only partially and not completely, still). This action might seem to you completely innocent and voicing one’s expression, only if you live outside the Indian Subcontinent. I was greeted with eyes filled with such a humbleness(sarcastic) as if I am an outcast or have done the crime of magnitude so great than even Judas could be pardoned but not me.

A bit of satire first:
Indians, majority, do literally take cricket as their religion and Sachin as their God lest it be elections or issue of reservation. He’s the one incarnation of God descended from heaven, dressed in all white to motivate all the lesser minds of this distressed landmass. Such great is His presence that He can even solve the unrest between India-Pakistan with just a cricket match between the two. Because forces of both the nations stop fighting and start watching His innings. Crime rate go down in the city, because all the thieves are busy watching His batting. So inspired we are by his benevolent character that now every Indian does charity as religiously as they praise him.

So good we are at cooking stories. No wonder Panchtantra and Ramayan etc survived so long.Enough! I cannot write more about the nuisance which people have created.

As for the people, who think I am being too paranoid about this Sachin-God equivalency, remember the story of a king whose wife was kidnapped by some other king and how he rescued her. He had a flourishing empire where everyone was happy in his ‘Ram-Rajya’. Well, people preach him now! People fight on his name.

Dude! Wake up! Sachin Tendulkar is a man in as simple flesh and blood as you and me. What the difference is his determination and perseverance towards his career. This is what has earned him so many laurels and not the ‘God’ attribute. He does charity because he realizes his duty and maybe in a way to inspire fellow community as well. Don’t treat these like his ‘miracles’ for the general mass outside the oval field. Let me ask you one thing, as a sports person, what is the difference between (to name a few among many) Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Jacques Kallis and Brian Lara? Is anyone superior to anyone? Don’t lament out the records, all of these didn’t play against the same teams and were given same training. Each had his own share of challenges and hurdles. So, do you have any other answer than, “Oh! Sachin is God but”. That is crap.

I do admire his cricketing style. I am fond of the exuberant shots he play. I too look up to his sportsmanship. I am motivated by the charity he has done. But Please, there is a difference between admiration and preaching. And I am against preaching. I am not skeptical of Sachin Tendulkar, but of the people preaching him. Please, we have enough Gods, don’t need another. India won Cricket World Cup, not Sachin. It was the collective effort of all the players and management behind them.

As the forerunners of a intellectual generation which basis its decision on reason instead of superstitious belief we need to realize the qualities that Sachin has.Not preach him. This reminds me of a Bollywood movie which was received with great enthusiasm among my friends; Oh My God!. Yeah, that is the name of the movie. It is about a person who fights a law suit against all the God-mans and Saints and exposes how they dupe people in the name of God only to be immortalized himself in form of a God after his death with people offering saffron etc to his statue.

We already have Sachin-chalisa selling in the market, please do not take this any further. Ha, such is our Government that we might have monuments and temples being made in his honor. (450 crore rupees spent on that won’t pinch anyone’s pocket then)

Please realize what a jack-ass media is making out of you,

Yes, he is a very good cricketer and human being from whom we can learn a lot. Not only in terms of cricket but also how to handle success and remain down to earth. There are other sportsman too who show such qualities. So let us learn that and follow. Not personify him as “God”.

“An Inconvenient Truth or a Reassuring Lie.”


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