I came across this post on facebook:


(Firstly, Congratulations to the people who made this device)

and my first reaction was, what the hell!! Though i was also pleased to see it, the element of bewilderment would be clear in what follow. I had though about the same thing 3 years ago(nearly exactly) when i was in my first semester of under graduation in computer science. I was enthusiastic about making this real, irrespective of how much green paper it might fetch me. For heavens sake, this could be my first ‘invention’. Unfortunately, my college, didn’t had any Idea labs or any group which would help you. Moreover, since it was my first year in college, i would admit that i was a bit shy to bring forth this idea among my peers or seniors. Though, i wanted to do something. I wanted to make something which would help me;everyone in day to day life. So, i made a rough draft, took it to some Professors as well as presented in some competitions hoping to meet some people who might be willing to work on this. Only to be ridiculed. Though that didn’t hurt me. What really upsets me now is, I let it go.

Thus, i can conclude for myself, if you dream of something and believe in it, then it is your responsibility to materialize it.


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