Jellyfish taught a Lesson

Was watching the Wonders of Life, a documentary featuring Brian Cox, where he explains how Golden Jellyfish have evolved. This sparked few neurons in my brain to draw a plausible explanation why some aliens might be green in color.

First, something about Golden Jellyfish. It is found in the Micronesian Republic of Palau. And only there. They lived like the other jellyfish untill they evolved to do something different. They do not have tentacles to catch prey. Instead they harbor photosynthetic algae in their cells. The jellyfish engulf the algae as juveniles,and by adulthood algae cells make up as much as ten percent as their biomass. These algae live inside the jellyfish’s own cell, effectively providing them energy by photosynthesis.

This could be feasible model of evolution for some other creatures as well. The aliens ( or larger organisms) could have absorbed the algae while being born (processes may vary from a synchronized reproductive season where embryos being of larger ones are left in a lake of algae, where some are successful to incorporate the powerhouse in them while remaining die or grow into different species, to algae or photosynthetic material being present in the womb on the walls of placenta) The process would be vivid and fascinating depending on which path would have been feasible during the evolution of the species given its habitat and compelling conditions to evolve. Such model, would be feasible where there is plenty of sunlight.

How would they be intelligent and be able enough to attack and vandalize Earth( esp America), that is beyond the scope of this blog post. A nice science fiction might do justice to it.

Furthermore, this makes me realize how critical is the human intelligence. If it has been allowed to climb the ladder of evolution, it is because it has been entrusted to safeguard its ancestors spread throughout this menagerie. Development should be completely replaced with Sustainable development in absolute terms. Ensuring 24X7 electricity at the cost of losing a magnificent cornucopia of vivid species (effectively our brothers), is certainly a loss that none of us would be willing to take.

*Nature has enough for everyone’s need, not for anyone’s greed.*

Location on Earth
Location of island on the map
Cut off from the main sea water.
Cut off from the main sea water.
Harvesting the Solar enrgy
Zoom 2: The Golden Jellyfish: Harvesting the Solar enrgy

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