The Goverment and We-me and you.

It has been a common and more of a socially accepted way of blaming the government for all the faults and problems. It does not matter who is in the chair. We tend to grow ‘bore’ from it over a period of time and start digging at all the wrongs in it. But, we fail to analyze and realize what or who this Government is. A disclaimer before this, I am no specialist in this field and the figures that I may use are just an approximate from my education and reading so far. They might be off and you are welcome to correct it.

The Government(Lok Sabh) consists of approximately 300 odd people who have gained popularity and trust of the general citizens to be elected as their leaders. No. It consists of the other 200 as well who could not gain the majority but are equally motivated to lead their country and its citizens to a better future.

We often blame these 500 odd people for our day by day worsening situations of the country. From water shortages to the lack of infrastructure for our child’s education and to the large scale corruption. This is a bit too prejudiced, I feel. For how is this Goverment, consisting of just 500 odd people able to cause such ‘havoc’ in our country of 1,00,00,00,000 ( 1 billion) people. Unless, we-u and me, help them in accomplishing this task.

The Postman, transporter, businessman, CEOs, shop owners, police officers, bureaucrats, bus driver, teachers, cleaners etc. They are not a part of this Government, but us. Our fathers, mothers, siblings. The people who love to flaunt their oratory skills and curse the Government. Telling it what should have been done and what should be done. Yet, their day to day actions are equally hypocritical as their words. We very well know what are the responsibilities of our Government but we fail to realize our DUTIES. Our day to day actions fail to reflect what we expect from the Government to do. For instance, I would take a very basic incident which we all encounter everyday. We want that our cities look as magnanimous as New York, London etc. Want does not get. We fail to work in towards this. As basic a thing as traffic rules, we fail to follow. We do not stop behind the Stop line at the pedestrian crossing, respect the hygiene of the place and litter around often peeing in the public. Now, the Government is not going to come and stop us from doing this. It has made the rules, which is more of grounding someone, to do the most yet We Fail. Before, my friends start demonstrating their exuberant vocabulary and grammar in response to the above example. Let me explain the situation to them in more detail and ask them a few questions. Who is the person driving the vehicle? Who is the person crossing the road, so dangerously, that he is putting not only his life at risk but of minimum three others? Who is the person peeing in the public, shouting aloud or making a nuisance? No, it is not the Government. It is us- me and you.

Just for one day, for a change, if we stop blaming the Government for its deeds and start doing by ourselves what it should do. Be humble towards the guy standing next to us. Be polite to our sweepers and cleaners. I guess, that day the Government will run out of support. It is the individual in this majority whose actions that this Government reflects.

The problem might be greed, in my opinion. We are boastful. We just want to earn more, accumulate as much as possible and then lay eggs on it. We have no idea what are we going to do with this accumulated wealth.

Some of the remedial measures which I suggest to cure ourselves of this AIDS- Acquired Irresponsible and Dutiless Species, we have grown into are as following. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Instead of all those weekly and elaborate rituals and processions that we have to purify our soul or seek Almighty’s blessings, if only we could offer the poor as basic things as bread or oil or sugar, I suppose the God would be much more happier. For it  is He who says helping the poor is helping me. This is a personal example to illustrate how simple it is. I do go to the temple every week but instead of offering the Prasad to the God, I choose to distribute some Parle-G biscuits among various children. And I can not tell, how much pleasure it gives me by looking at those smile of innocent children. I am sure, I could have not seen such contentment if i would have given that child a five rupee coin instead( which he would take and give to his parents).

Secondly, a simple gesture as thanking the bus driver or rikshawala would create a sense of awareness and responsibility in him towards his job. And he deserves this thank. After all he dropped us at our destination safely.

Stopping our car at the pedestrian crossing and allowing the commuters to cross the road would eventually help us too since at one point we cross that road. Which is more of dodging oncoming vehicle


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