Wee(a)k One

It has been a tough first week here at my internship at Durham University. In all respect. I still havent got the hang of the food and moreover the project that i have been assigned at the moment doesnt belong to my interest nor serve the purpose of my visit. Nevertheless, it is an interesting piece of work and a Challenge, which i wont like to back out from.

This one week has been very very crucial for me and an experience so far which i aint gonna forget. The details of the work, i cannot share because i dont want anyone at any point chasing me for spilling out the secrets(like anybody’s gonna read this blog, but still). But yes, there are few other things which i may share. I learnt that when you would try to prove urself, it would seem that all the difficulties, all the hurdles have come at once. Same happened to me. I decided to take one at a time and ignore the rest. The end result: I managed to combat the one. But that is not the interesting thing. Interesting part is that the rest of the hurdles aren’t there anymore. Probably they got disinterested me or got offended by my ignorance and hence went away. I no longer feel under pressure due to food, atmosphere or the friend issues. i am able to think much more clearly now and hope that I would be able to hunt down the demon at hand.

“As you climb higher, the storm gets much more stronger… but once you clear the clouds, its all nice and peaceful” -myself

<The above text hasnt been edited and may contain grammatical errors. Please forgive if found any>


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