The St*rs

Its been a long time since I had the opportunity to look at the night sky. Maybe it was because of the odd sunset and sunrise timings here in England. But, today when i finally got a chance, i had this feeling which I can not stop myself from sharing and hence going a little offbeat. It is this amazing feeling which I get when i look at these jewels in the nightsky, so inspiring. They tell us how to be unique among a group of unique. How, if everyone with special qualities, coordinate and co-work, they may output some beautiful patterns (constellations), however distant they might be from each other. They tell us how one should be. Even an ignorant gets awestruck looking at them and learned and wise also admire their beauty. They tell us, to be like them, it is not easy. It takes millions of years of patience and perseverance. You have to burn inside out to shine. One tiny mistake, and all the hard work would be rendered useless. And when you die, the whole Universe knows it(supernova). You leave behind a large empty void. To fill which, many strive.
I always strive to be like them but, today a thought scares me. Would I be also so alone like each one of them, if i become one?


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